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Kids Intro

We are looking forward to having your kids train with us! Our goal is to create a fun environment where they get a great workout while having fun learning basic boxing techniques! Here's what you need to know for your first session!

Arrival Time:

For the first session of the program we are asking everyone to attend the 11AM to 12:30PM session. We are going to use this time to determine good ways to break the kids into different groups. 


We will have equipment in the facility that your child can use during the first session if they do not have their own. If you would like for us to help you with equipment, we can get your child sized and fitted at the first session. We can then order the equipment for you to have at their second session or you are welcome to purchase equipment on your own. Please note that all gloves are sized a little differently so try to get as much information on sizing as you can before ordering gloves on your own.


We will have a waiver for parents to sign at the first session. If you have multiple children in the program you will have to sign one waiver for each child.


We will be checking in each child for each session they attend. This will allow us to keep track of the number of available sessions for each child. The sessions will never expire and our staff will be responsible for checking each child in.


An invoice has been emailed to the email address provided at registration. If you did not receive an invoice please let us know. We will also send a link to the invoice via SMS. Please take a moment to respond so that we know you have received the information. 

Adding Sessions: 

You can add sessions at anytime during the program. Just let us know and we will invoice you for any additional sessions.

Bring Friends:

You are welcome to invite friends to the program once we get started. Have them visit the site and get registered for the number of sessions that work best for them or contact us to get started!


Contact us anytime with questions. 

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