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Local roots! That's a big part of what makes BX5 special. Owner, Joel Alston, spent over 5 years in the boxing fitness industry before deciding it was time to bring the benefits of boxing fitness home to his local communities. Great people, having a blast supporting one another through the sweaty, calorie-burning workouts! That's the BX5 Vibe! Often imitated but never duplicated... come try the best boxing workouts in NC!


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of our members would agree that boxing is the best type of cardio.


of our members put on boxing gloves for the first time at BX5!


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Focus on the WORK and results will come! One of our favorite sayings is "Steady Work Is Good Work"! It doesn't matter if you are the fastest, strongest, or most skilled. What's important is that you have made time for yourself to come to class and put in work! Some days you will crush it. Oher days you will barely get through. Be proud of both! New fitness gadgets and social media trends are cool but they can also be distractions. Work is never a distraction and it never fails. Focus up and let's do work fam!


BX5 officially opened its doors in January 2020, but the work started many years in advance. Before BX5, there was Hype4Life; a community of fitness enthusiasts led by BX5 owner Joel Alston. Hype4Life started as a group of friends focused on that work, others took notice & Hype4Life was born. Local workouts in the community and motivational blogs to match. Hype4life had a good run but soon Joel wanted to take things home and to a new level. The plan was the same. Start with boxing workouts in the community and focus on the work until a brick-and-mortar location became home!

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Learn to take the right things seriously and make the right things important. Once you do that you will have a blast working out and helping others do the same. It's not about being the best but instead helping the person next to you to give it their best. Don't get it twisted, we still want you to strive to be a star but not because you want to shine but because you want to provide light for the person beside you. Let your energy be infectious. Let your joy be contagious. Be the best version of yourself at that moment all the while preparing to be even better tomorrow.

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